1. C# Decorator Design Pattern

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  2. C# Prototype Design Pattern

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  3. C# Abstract Factory Pattern

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  4. C# Command Design Pattern

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  5. C# Iterator Design Pattern

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  6. C# Composite Pattern

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  7. C# Proxy Design Pattern

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  8. C# Factory Pattern

    This is one of the creational patterns. Factory is used to create an object from instance of another class.  In Factory pattern, we create object without exposing the creation logic. This helps to deal with large and more complex programs. In this pattern, an interface is used for creating an object, but let subclass decide which class to instantiate. Creation process is done in run time. …

  9. C# Observer Design Pattern

    This is very popular behavioural pattern. As the name suggests, the Observer Pattern is a pattern where the important objects are “observed” or watched for changes. This pattern is useful when we want to pass message from one object(subject) to multiple objects(observers).  Observers are not related with each other, but every one of them needs to inherit from IObserver interface. …

  10. C# Builder Design Pattern

    In this article you will learn how to implement builder design pattern. This is one of structural patterns. You can use it when you need to have control over how complex objects would be created at runtime. This pattern gives you step by step approach on the object creation process. This is useful if you want to reuse the same creation process to build different representations. I’ll demonstrate the implementation of the pattern on simplified  real word example. And I’ll explain it step by step. …